About us

An intelligence generator

not another aggregator

Our mission is to create the best leads and intelligence in the B2B space

With over 85 years of collective experience, we’ve been part of the evolution of the B2B demand generation industry from the early 2000’s to present. While there are many new service providers and data players in today’s market, we feel basic concepts that lead to successful Marketing & Sales outcomes are still missing.

CONTENTgine was founded with the goal of creating the best leads in the space by capturing prospects and accounts that demonstrate strong buying signals. We set out to produce a better way to generate leads with a relentless focus on the most basic component – CONTENT ENGAGEMENT – and an unwavering commitment to help customers build pipeline and lower their cost per opportunity.

Our intelligence is unique, precise and delivers ROI for our clients

There are a lot of buzzwords in B2B Marketing. ‘Intent’ is a newer term, but like many others is just a label for something that’s been a staple of content marketing for decades. Content syndication is by its very nature intent-driven. The premise was that if a prospect wanted to read an asset, it meant they could be in a purchasing cycle for the product.

But we all know this model of singular engagement is too often incomplete – more signals are required to accurately identify purchase intentSo we decided to expand on existing models and generate more first-party engagements to better identify purchase intent ourselves, and make that intelligence actionable to help our customers operate with more efficiency.

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