Expert insights on the latest B2B Marketing and Leadgen strategies.

Account-Based Marketing

ABM can be a difficult practice to master. Let’s look at the core pillars of ABM and some of the most effective account-based marketing tactics in use today.

See how CONTENTgine's data science team helps identify shortcomings in clients’ targeting efforts and discovers new ways to optimize them.

See how CONTENTgine uses data science to analyze target accounts and the key takeaways to help improve account-based marketing practices.

Content Marketing

Understanding the needs and interests of your potential buyers based on their job roles can help you drive meaningful engagement at scale.

A B2B content marketing strategy is essential to growing your business and reaching the right customers. Learn more about the vital components of a successful strategy.

Optimize your content marketing strategy with a content marketing funnel. Learn how to construct a robust funnel with our comprehensive guide.

Want to use AI to identify patterns in your target audience’s behavior? Learn how with this guide on predictive intelligence.

By knowing what content your target audience is consuming, you can better understand their intentions and determine what messaging will spur them through the buyer journey.

See how content marketing software equips B2B marketers with the tools to enhance their marketing strategies and create more engaging content.

Rich content analytics can help marketers make data-driven decisions and transform their campaigns to achieve their goals.

Marketers are often too focused on producing great content without first identifying the right target audiences.

In this paper we review the concept of content-based marketing and look at what marketers need to do to create a successful CBM strategy.

The data is clear: Buyers in the cloud security category want content that showcases customer success stories and promises them peace of mind.

Learn what makes the Top 5 most popular pieces of content in the Marketing Software category so engaging among users.

See what content is driving engagement and resonating the most in the CRM Software and Analytics Software categories.

An analysis of the top 5 pieces of content in the SD-WAN category reveals key insights you can use to transform your own SD-WAN content.

See what an in-depth data analysis from millions of engagement signals revealed about optimizing B2B content titles.

How to create compelling, engaging content that drives leads and ultimately conversions in the data analytics software market.

Content-Based Marketing is a new demand generation technique that utilizes content consumption as an indicator of potential purchaser intent.

Intent Marketing

Buyer intent marketing is a technique B2B companies can use to zero in on target accounts that are most likely to buy their offerings.

Intent data helps B2B marketers resolve one of their most perplexing challenges: How do you know what prospective buyers are going to do?

Intent data helps you better understand potential customers’ place in the buyer journey, allowing you to build more effective marketing campaigns.

Build better customer journeys by leveraging data from content consumption tools and having deeper context to account engagements.

Gain a deeper understanding of individual and company research behavior to build better targeted marketing campaigns using CONTENTgine’s Intent Scores.

CONTENTgine’s intent scores help B2B marketers understand the type of content consumers find engaging, helping them make more targeted marketing decisions.

Use our unique insights to understand who inside an organization is consuming content to better determine if a buying decision is about to be made.

The practice of selling bidstream data is likely coming to an end. How can you stay ahead of pending changes?

It may be time for a marketing strategy rethink. See which intent-based tactics will continue to be effective.

While remote and hybrid work has been a win for executives and employees, the 'new normal' has left B2B marketers in a tough position.

Lead Generation

Use these B2B lead generation strategies to optimize your marketing efforts and drive better and more qualified leads to your sales team.

Content syndication is a key tactic for B2B marketers. Learn how B2B content syndication can help generate traffic and boost brand awareness.

Understand the similarities and differences between MQLs and SQLs to learn how you can drive the right prospects to your sales teams.

The terms demand generation and lead generation are often used synonymously, but they aren’t the same thing.

Leverage great lead generation services to connect with new customers and funnel high quality leads to your sales team.

See how content aggregators provide a win for searchers and providers alike, and an opportunity for better content syndication campaigns.

Embrace the evolution of the Marketing Qualified Lead. Explore how the MQL has conditioned us and why it still plays a crucial role in generating leads and opening up conversations.

Marketing Strategy

CrowdStrike APJ on working with CONTENTgine: "This is a great platform in helping us understand our prospects' research topics and content preferences. We can be sure as advertisers that the audience is engaged and not 'cruising' for content – but are looking for cybersecurity solutions vendors."

Email is a critical tactic for marketers that can be difficult to manage. Discover important best practices in this guide to B2B email marketing.

First-party data gives B2B marketers deep insights into their target audience, which they can use to enhance their marketing strategies.

Google is sunsetting third-party cookies. See what you can do to continue building impactful strategies in a cookieless future.

A martech stack enables marketers to optimize their internal processes and help them better realize their marketing goals. Here’s how to build yours.

Market intelligence tools give businesses the insights they need to understand customer and market trends and respond accordingly.

Knowledge management today goes beyond an organization's own institutional knowledge - companies and industries must learn from each other.

When it comes to the content syndication space, marketing myopia is alive and well. Luckily, real solutions have finally arrived.

Review some of the bold MarTech predictions going into 2020 to see if they held true and new predictions for 2021.

Sales Intelligence

If you’re looking to send more informed messaging to prospects, it starts with rich data collection done by sales intelligence tools.

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