CrowdStrike Enhances Cybersecurity Marketing with CONTENTgine

Case Study – CrowdStrike Improves MQL Conversion & Sales Funnel Progression with CONTENTgine’s Intent-Powered Solutions

Client: CrowdStrike

Industry: Cybersecurity

Client Background: CrowdStrike is a leading cybersecurity company, specializing in cloud-delivered endpoint protection, threat intelligence, and cyberattack response services. CrowdStrike is critical in safeguarding the people, processes, and technologies that drive modern enterprises against advanced cyber threats.

Challenges Faced: CrowdStrike APJ’s (Asia Pacific Japan) challenge was to effectively engage a discerning audience seeking cybersecurity solutions to generate in-market prospects. It was essential to capture the attention and intentions of prospects actively interested in exploring content and resources related to cybersecurity vendors. Finding the right lead program to showcase customer case studies and research topics that resonate with CrowdStrike’s target audience is an ongoing, crucial marketing endeavor.

Additionally, CrowdStrike was looking to leverage intent data it already receives from other partnerships directly in its lead programs. Most sophisticated marketing organizations, particularly for cybersecurity solutions, already ingest account-level intent data from one or more sources. Part of generating ROI on intent data is incorporating the learnings upstream to generate leads outside your inbound corporate traffic.

Solution Offered by CONTENTgine: CrowdStrike partnered with CONTENTgine and leveraged their flagship property,, the world’s most extensive library of industry case studies curated to help professionals find the right solutions faster, to produce intent-powered leads. The site serves as a hub for B2B vendor case studies, including over 15 curated Solution Sets and several cybersecurity specific newsletters, ensuring that the engaged audience was genuinely interested in cybersecurity solutions.

In addition, the content intelligence provided by CONTENTgine enabled the company to comprehensively understand the topical consumption of prospects within the cybersecurity domain.

“ is a great platform in helping us understand our prospects’ research topics and content preferences. Being a hub for customer case studies, we can be sure as advertisers that the audience is engaged and not ‘cruising’ for content – but are looking for cybersecurity solutions vendors.”

– CrowdStrike APJ

Furthermore, CONTENTgine overlaid CrowdStrike’s intent data over its proprietary, first-party, account-intent scores across similar cybersecurity categories and industries to hone in on accounts CrowdStrike was interested in pursuing. Corroborating Intent signals ensures that accounts with strong signals are engaged throughout the funnel.

Results Achieved: The collaboration between CrowdStrike and CONTENTgine yielded exceptional results. Using CONTENTgine contributed to above-average Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) to discovery-call conversion rates. These promising leads progressed seamlessly through the sales funnel, demonstrating the effectiveness of CONTENTgine’s Intent-Powered Leads in creating an environment that effectively showcased CrowdStrike’s cybersecurity solutions.

“This is testimony to the success of having the right audience environment to showcase our best work with customers.”

– Claudia Wong, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing at CrowdStrike APJ

Appreciation for Collaboration: A notable aspect of the partnership was the positive interaction with the CONTENTgine team. CrowdStrike APJ appreciated the efficient communication, from campaign briefing to lead delivery. The collaboration remained smooth and efficient since onboarding, with minimal disruptions. Additionally, the high quality of leads provided by CONTENTgine’s platform was commended, and the team’s accountability further contributed to the positive working relationship.

Conclusion: CrowdStrike’s partnership with CONTENTgine has proven instrumental in helping attack its marketing challenges. Using and CONTENTgine has significantly improved MQL conversion rates and overall sales funnel progression. The seamless collaboration and exceptional lead quality have established a strong foundation for continued success in the dynamic cybersecurity landscape.

About CONTENTgine: At CONTENTgine, we syndicate content from thousands of different sources, gathering billions of intent signals our clients can use to understand what type of content performs well, who’s interested in their offerings, and what accounts are likely to be in-market.

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