How to Write Effective Analytics Software Content

What’s the best way to write content about Analytics Software?

It’s something every content marketer struggles with: How do you create compelling, engaging content that drives leads and ultimately conversions?

That question is at the heart of what we do at CONTENTgine.

Our Top 5 most popular assets series highlights the most engaging content in our extensive library of thousands of assets across dozens of verticals and industries. This information helps marketers not only better understand their competitors but also devise ways to get into the Top 5.

Top 5: Analytics Software

We’ve built Top 5 lists for topics across numerous categories, but today let’s take a look at the Top 5 most popular content in data analytics.

We’ve curated over 20,000 pieces of content covering this topic. Here are the organizations with content in the Top 5:

  • Sisense (which holds both the top and third spots).
  • Bold BI
  • Chartio
  • Incorta

Read the assets that made it to the Top 5: Data analytics list.

Let’s take a look at some of the key insights we learned from analyzing the Top 5: Analytics Software category.

Deliver value, not a pitch

Most content consumers are spending their time sifting through the internet looking for content that can help them solve problems now. Most of the time, they don’t want product information. Organizations in the Top 5 deliver value instead of a pitch. They take the time to learn their target audiences’ problems and create deeply researched, compelling content that provides real solutions to those problems.

They avoid pitching their product until the very, very end (if at all), demonstrating their ability to provide value to customers even when they aren’t in the market to make a purchase.

Speak plainly

None of the organizations in the Top 5 try being something they aren’t. They don’t speak from behind fancy, jargon-laden language or couch their message in branded language developed internally — they get straight to the point.

This technique is especially useful in their choices of title. Content creators don’t get bogged down in overly complex titles; they use very accessible language and make it clear from the very beginning the value the reader can expect to obtain from the piece.

Create urgency

Timing is everything, and that’s especially true when you’re trying to build relationships with customers. For the most part, when users take to the internet looking for solutions or answers to questions, they’re facing problems that they’re trying to solve right now.

The best content provides timely solutions to relevant challenges that readers can take with them and apply to their business in real-time.

But it isn’t just about addressing timely problems. The top pieces of content also consider the importance of time to their readers — offering solutions that can be implemented quickly or even ones that save their readers’ time.

Bring the future forward

Here’s one of the top dilemmas for businesses: They know they have to revamp their legacy systems to keep up with change, but they also really don’t like the risk or costs associated with a legacy migration.

The best pieces of content in the Top 5 understand this dilemma. They demystify the process of bringing the future forward by offering simple steps that are easy to understand and implement. In doing so, they also make the reader the hero of their own transformation. It’s not about what the content can do for them — it was about what the content can help them do for themselves.

Focus on intent

The Top 5 don’t just provide valuable content — they’re also embedded with intent-based language to help better connect businesses with specific challenges to other businesses that might have the solution.

Using language like, “Consider these 10 questions before you decide to build or buy an embedded BI solution,” can help make marketers reasonably certain that those downloading their content are doing so because they’re actually trying to decide whether they should build or buy an embedded BI solution.

The engagement platform we use at CONTENTgine uses predictive modeling and natural language processing methods to target audiences with precision. It delivers your business highly qualified leads, insights into your prospects’ needs, and data intelligence to transform your content strategies.

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