How it Works

How we build audiences

and help you find buyers

We’re obsessed with helping professionals find the right solutions.

We gather and organize the content buyers want

Today’s buyer journey is driven by self-education with solutions-based content. Content that’s often unsearchable and scattered across the internet, making the right information hard to find.

We make it easier for buyers by organizing the world’s largest digital library of vendor content uniquely curated for discovery by challenge, product offering, role, industry and more.

Our predictive engine builds and educates audiences

Powered by over 100 Category, Industry, and Role-based Newsletters our email engine keeps business leaders and buying teams up-to-date with the latest software and solutions on the market.

Built on decades of experience, privacy-compliance expertise, machine learning and AI models – we reach the right person at the right business with the right content.

Our insights enhance your campaigns and workflows

Intelligence from our predictive engine including Account intent, Contact interests and content performance analytics are embedded in the programs we run with you and made available for action in your platforms of choice.

Whether you’re looking to strengthen your top of funnel, fill your pipeline with qualified leads, better personalize messaging, target more efficiently or all of the above – we can help.

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