People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!”
– Theodore Levitt

Prospects need solutions to their work challenges



A solutions based Approach

Research activities during a purchase process are very fragmented. Established B2B resources include review sites, analyst and research sites, peer advice communities, and content directories. But most resources assemble content in terms of ‘things.’ Prospects don’t need ‘things,’ they need solutions to a challenge they are facing at work.

“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!” – Theodore Levitt

Content needs to be assembled in a smarter way to speak directly to prospects’ needs.

CONTENTgine’s approach begins with the world’s largest curated collection of B2B content that helps professionals solve their challenges through insights into proven solutions across all industries. We didn’t just create a product-centric directory, we assembled content around SOLUTIONS for specific challenges. We have amassed the largest amount of case studies in the world, and added in content from technology vendors in all major product categories to fill out our offering. Now, allows prospects to find relevant content on one site using our proprietary Solutions Sets™. See how.


360 degree view

how our content helps you

Prospects are looking at more than one solution for their challenges. Therefore, CONTENTgine is not just focused on your solutions, but all solutions within your product category, which produces a more complete purchase intent signal.

Buyers research multiple offerings to compare features, implementation and pricing options. The only way to fully understand a prospect’s purchase intentions is to have a broad range of product category content available and monitor consumption. Regardless of whether you are running campaigns with us, we are continuously educating prospects and accounts in your space. Our prospect education doesn’t stop when paid campaigns end.

Singular – or one to one – points of engagement within a product category are not enough. CONTENTgine finds and educates multiple prospects within accounts engaging specifically in your space. We help you target both the buying collective and accounts that are in-market, now. We do more than just simple, traditional content syndication: we call it Content Indication™.


custom curated

the world’s largest B2B content collection

CONTENTgine’s content collection contains over 400,000 assets, with over 200,000 in the technology vertical. These assets span 2,000 categories, and include case studies, white papers, webinars, videos and everything in between. This powerful content reservoir fuels our search platform on, microsites, and newsletters, providing an unparalleled family of knowledge resources to B2B professionals.  

Our assets are custom curated, tagged, and indexed by product type, industry and challenge, allowing prospects to determine the most efficient way to research solutions for their business challenges. Our content and analytics teams are obsessed with helping prospects find content directly related to the solutions they seek. Anybody can put content in a library, but the value is derived by enabling prospects to make sense of it for their specific use cases. The content analytics from our process helps refine and improve your content marketing strategy.

The content lives on our flagship site and in over 50 vertical-specific newsletters. Talk to one of our account executives now to learn more about how we can generate leads from your content marketing efforts.

Content is the key to understanding activity that drives Purchase Intent.

Let CONTENTgine show you why.