Intelligence leads to accurate Purchase Intent Insights

Purchase Intent Data aims to identify prospects and accounts that are looking to make an imminent purchase. Our Perpetual Engine™ produces proprietary first-party Intelligence derived from specific content consumption engagements, yielding meaningful Intent Data to help you find prospects in-market for your products or services. The result is marketing analytics and leads that convert better, quicker.




How Our Intent Works

Based on the prospects and accounts engaging with content in each product category, CONTENTgine’s Perpetual Engine™ connects the dots and seeks to cater more content to users for further future engagements, all from the fundamental perspective of trying to educate prospects for solutions to their challenges. This Content Indication™ process is an ongoing cycle, regardless of what campaigns we’re running for our clients.

The three components of our first party, content-derived Intelligence, are content, prospect personas, and accounts.



Content, Personas and Accounts

Our constantly-growing content curation collection of over 400,000 assets is mapped to 2,000 product categories to understand what prospects are researching. Our Perpetual Engine™ ensures we’re constantly educating prospects with additional content in the areas that matter most to them. And we know the exact pieces of content that are being consumed; we’re not guessing based on keywords on pages scattered across the web. This level of full content transparency ensures we know the context of the categorical content prospects are engaging with, providing unparalleled content analytics in and around your product category. You spend a lot of time and money producing and syndicating content – we can help you get more out of these efforts with insights into how your content is performing versus other players in your category.

CONTENTgine’s Contact Intelligence™ provides detailed persona information, so we know what prospects are responsible for in their organization, based on their department, role, and function, as well as deep insights on their skills, including certifications, trade association memberships, and LinkedIn groups. All of our intent insights contain complete contact information every time – including the exact content consumed. This contact level detail allows us to understand what a particular individual is consuming over time, which most intent data methodologies cannot provide.

While Contact Intelligence™ is critical, accounts are ultimately the purchasers in the B2B model. So it’s essential to get a 360-degree view of activity on an account level when determining purchase intent. Sometimes a single prospect’s activity is crucial in understanding Intent, but combining that with account-level engagements provides a clearer picture of where to prioritize your efforts. CONTENTgine’s Intelligence yields an account score that is used to find the businesses that need your solution.


intent scoring

intent scoring

The Perpetual Engine™ combines content, personas, and accounts to create a score used for every lead we produce and is available to you for further intent marketing insights. Intent scoring factors the frequency of engagements, the types and diversity of personas within an account that are engaging, and the specific content that is consumed. We don’t look at just one action as enough of an indicator of Intent, so multiple engagements by a prospect and account increase the score. Several similar personas within a company consuming content in a particular product category also improve the score. And the diversity of personas is often an indicator that a company is in-market. For example, support departments such as finance and legal teams get involved in the final stages of a purchase, so seeing those personas engaging also gives us clues about an account’s Purchase Intent readiness.

With hundreds of thousands of engagements per month, our Perpetual Engine™ is processing millions of data points on an ongoing basis. Because content continuously serves to educate our users, our engagements and Purchase Intent Scoring are always current.

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