CONTENTgine Employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Analyze Popular B2B Content

RENO, Nev. — May 25, 2022 — CONTENTgine®, the world leader in content-based marketing, today released its latest “Top 5” research ranking the most popular artificial intelligence (AI) content consumed by B2B decision makers and analyzed by its Content Indication Platform (CIP). To determine the category leaders, Contentgine’s CIP employed machine learning and AI to examine content consumption across more than 3000 AI case studies, research papers, and eBooks syndicated from the world’s largest B2B library.

“AI software is not only a category in and of itself, but it is also a core component of other categories,” said “Top 5 in 15” Series Host Robert Rose, best-selling author and chief strategy advisor for the Content Marketing Institute. “We’re talking about the core component of AI software that may or may not be embedded into other solutions to achieve advanced automation, decision insights, predictive measurement, targeting, personalization, content management, and conversational interfaces. Given the vast interest in this topic today, it’s wonderful to see so many well performing assets available to decision makers.”

The Top 5 companies comprising the AI best-in-content chart include:

  1. Amazon Web Services – eBook: The Machine Learning Journey
  2. Alteryx – eBook: Analytic Process Automation: The Convergence of Analytics, Data Science and Process Automation
  3. DataRobot – eBook: AI: The Next Frontier for Healthcare Providers
  4. Pythian – Case Study for Canadian mining company Teck: Data Science Keeps World’s Biggest Trucks Rolling
  5. Snowflake, in conjunction with Amazon Web Services – eBook: Machine Learning Within Reach

The detailed findings are available in a new “Top 5 in 15” video as well as the “Top 5 Resource Center,”  where best practices, differentiators and commonalities are explored among the Top 5 category leaders. According to Rose, as businesses undergo digital transformation, there is a voracious appetite for AI education. Four of the top five most popular assets are eBooks, driving the actual value of AI to help businesses understand why and where they should invest in this advanced technology.

“Marketers are putting artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to work to create and sustain smarter programs for better demand generation and content indication,” said Ian Dix, chief marketing officer for CONTENTgine. “CONTENTgine’s CIP analyzes content performance across more product categories than other leading content demand gen and account based marketing (ABM) platforms to provide a wealth of first-person leads and a tool for gauging how our clients’ content performs versus their competitors. It’s a game changer moving from content marketing to intent marketing by gaining a better understanding of who is choosing to engage with what content and why.”

CIP mines one billion engagement signals quarterly from content interactions with the world’s largest B2B library of more than 500,000 case studies, white papers, and eBooks to deliver advanced market intelligence. The platform identifies personalized content consumption patterns of tens of millions of professionals to determine 360-degree intent—with complete contact, company, and content consumption visibility. In addition, because Contentgine knows the exact asset consumed, it provides industry-leading content intelligence, comparing performance within product categories to give organizations more insights into how their content compares to competitors.

Recent “Top 5 in 15” video episodes focus on popular topics such as software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN), customer relationship management (CRM) and data analytics. In addition to videos, CONTENTgine has published a Top 5 resource center, featuring content-based marketing insights around these topics and more including cloud infrastructure monitoring, database solutions, and AP automation.

About CONTENTgine

CONTENTgine is a leader in content-based marketing, content syndication, intent marketing and demand generation. The company is witnessing explosive growth by utilizing a unique way of offering business solution information to business professionals. Its unique Perpetual Engine syndicates content from Contentree, the world’s largest business-to-business (B2B) library to engage with the right audience at the right time. The industry’s first Content Indication Platform (CIP) analyzes content consumption and intent to produce the most precise first-person intent data for advanced, actionable insights. For more information, visit Follow us on LinkedIn.

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