MRP Strengthens Market Reach and Global Scale in B2B Data Through Strategic Combination with CONTENTgine, a Pioneer in First-Party Audience Engagement and Demand Generation

Merger uniquely positions MRP to accelerate its position as a key challenger in the B2B demand generation and intent data space.

PHILADELPHIA — MRP, a leading global account intelligence provider, and CONTENTgine, a forefront provider of B2B technology buyer insights and lead generation, today announced that the companies have completed a merger, whereby CONTENTgine combines with MRP to become a top-tier provider in the B2B intent engagement signals and full-funnel demand generation services industry. This combination will establish MRP as an end-to-end provider that covers the entire B2B technology sales and marketing process. This includes demand generation across all stages of the buyer’s journey, integrated multi-channel solutions, proprietary first-party down-funnel intent buying signals, and sales pipeline activations.

Additionally, the new company will be a leading partner in down-funnel intent signals and targeting solutions:

  • New audience reach to: 270m+ contacts across 25m+ global companies that will provide customer campaigns with increased scale.
  • Combination of 1st-party data signals, including roof-top mobile data, tracking across 650+ product intent categories, engagement from more than 100 branded newsletters, and 500k+ monthly B2B asset downloads to improve customer campaign targeting and return on investment.

The organic, permission-based audience is driven by the use of AI and machine learning by matching suitably targeted content with contacts, ensuring industry-leading engagement levels. “The addition of CONTENTgine’s solutions and first-party data will accelerate MRP’s strategic roadmap by allowing it to continue to innovate market-leading products, offer customers end-to-end solutions, grow profitability, and expand its 1st-party signal universe, driving measurable outcomes at all phases of the buyer journey,” said Christopher Rack, Chief Executive Officer of MRP. “Currently, too much of the intent space is focused on identifying companies with ‘intent to learn,’ while this combination allows revenue teams to identify true ‘intent to purchase’ activity that will power highly targeted campaigns resulting in more revenue and value for our customers.”

Gurdeep Chimni, Co-founder of CONTENTgine, added, “Our combined intent signal technologies and delivery infrastructures will empower us to accelerate the development of novel down-funnel buying signal data products that, in turn, power a new class of demand creation and targeting solutions.”

The Strategic Advantages:

    • Increased Intent Signal Scale and Diversification: Combining MRP’s first-party intent data, which includes confirmed project details, review and case study interactions, and contextual website engagement, with CONTENTgine’s exclusive first-party content engagement signals, will introduce a unique targeting engine to the market. This engine will gather millions of B2B audience interactions to generate detailed signals at the location level for optimal and timely campaign targeting.
    • Comprehensive Global Audience Reach: MRP and CONTENTgine’s combined global audiences now provide greater scale across North America, LATAM, EMEA, and APAC markets with a combined reach of 270m+ contacts across 25m+ companies.
    • Product Expansion to Support All Phases of Go-To-Market for B2B Revenue Teams: The product suite covers revenue teams with digital and offline capabilities at all phases of the B2B buyer journey and is suitable for sales and marketing revenue initiatives.
    • Expanded Global Team Footprint Providing Campaign Localization: The combined employee footprint will span five continents and cover 15 languages across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. This expansion will speed up entrance into key markets, enhance localized campaigns, and boost customer campaigns’ efficiency, accuracy, and return on investment.

“Today, we are creating a leading provider of B2B buying signal data and targeting solutions that will drive real business results for our global customers.” Added Mr. Chimni, “The application of generative AI to the consumption of content within the perpetual engine by our audience allows us to identify and articulate the needs of the buyer and deliver personalized demand solutions to our customers.”

About MRP

MRP, the leading global account intelligence provider, equips B2B organizations with the intelligence and the demand required to deliver a future-proof sales and marketing funnel. From growing start-ups to enterprise organizations, MRP has provided B2B organizations with an unmatched breadth of buyer intelligence for over two decades, converting its’ proprietary account intelligence into meaningful buyer engagements, cost-effectively driving engagement and revenue globally and at scale. For more information visit

About CONTENTgine

CONTENTgine, powered by its proprietary first-party audience engagement data, provides lead and demand generation solutions that connect global B2B software and services vendors with in-market buyers. With a global market presence and an audience reaching more than 270 million B2B software and services buyers, it has transformed how B2B sales and marketing teams go to market and generate revenue.

Anna Eliot, CMO

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