CONTENTgine’s Content Indication™ methodology produces first-party, high-quality intelligence fueling leads and analytics to improve your ROI.

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content attributed leads

Improve closed-won, get better conversions with superior Content Syndication.

Because our Perpetual Engine™ is constantly educating prospects in the categories they are interested in, CONTENTgine knows where to place your content. Content Attributed Leads (CALs) syndicate your content to a known audience of prospects interested in your product category. In addition, our proprietary intelligence gives you more confidence that the leads and accounts you receive from us are in a purchasing cycle, reducing your time and improving your conversions.



content category Leads

Prospects who are considering your solution are also evaluating your competitors. Category leads give you a view of prospects engaging with other content in your category, including research reports, industry reviews, and competitor content. Our Perpetual Engine™ is constantly educating prospects in the categories they are interested in, so we have a pool of prospects and accounts demonstrating interest on an ongoing basis. Content Category Leads, or CCLs, allow you to attain these prospects indicating strong purchase intent through their content engagements, just not with yours. Talk to us about understanding how CCLs round out your lead buys.



content indication platform

CONTENTgine goes beyond current intent marketing capabilities by utilizing a highly transparent and straight-forward first-party data process that includes full contact level detail and 100% content clarity. We know the exact prospects and their demo and firmographic information engaging with content every time. And we know the exact piece of content they are consuming. Therefore, we don’t infer: we know.

Most platforms in the B2B marketing space are ABM-centric, focusing first and foremost on accounts. Our goal at CONTENTgine is to be category focused because it’s imperative to understand the content being consumed from a categorical perspective to determine the contact and account intent. This of course leads to intelligence around an account, but the category of content is the first step in the intent determination process. That’s why we call our platform the Content Indication Platform (CIP): it’s all about the content being consumed as all intent is derived from this consumption, and it’s much more Category-Based Marketing.

Just like in Content Syndication before it, Intent Marketers have lost sight of how critical content is to the entire equation. Without the behavioral indication of what content prospects are consuming, intent cannot be derived. And too often the intent tactics have at best a vague understanding of the actual content being used. CONTENTgine’s approach removes this vagueness. Combined with the world’s largest collection of curated B2B content, we have contact and content level detail for every engagement in our email and website ecosystem, which leads to high quality signals. CONTENTgine is focused on quality over quantity, and our intelligence reflects it.

We produce high-quality lead generation and content syndication analytics for more profitable marketing investment.

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