How do we use the brand platform? What's our brand story?

Our brand platform is an inward-facing as well as media-facing document. It is meant to be used within the organization to inform all of our touchpoints and communications.

It is meant to aid in discerning what should be part of the CONTENTGINE brand, why does it belong, and when-and-how to use it.

Overview of brand platform

Brand Essence

The CONTENTGINE brand, distilled into the simplest terms; the big idea.

Brand Promise

Articulates and supports the most credible value proposition for each target audience. Defines brand competencies. 

Brand Position

The conceptual place we occupy in our target consumer’s mind — the benefits we want them to recognize when they think of our brand. How we maximize our relevance and competitive distinctiveness.

Brand Voice

Character of the brand; its strongest qualities and air.

Brand Backstory

Brand story, it’s roots, origin, the meaning of its name, and foundation of its authenticity.


The fair data company. Where Women’s Voices are Valued.

brand promise

The single most important pledge our brand can make. It communicates the relevant value we deliver and lays the foundation for trust. Our promise and core purpose is to shift the power to the individual. Vision: To empower and incentivize women for their voices. To create a space where individuals are paid for their POVs and influence. Mission: Our value to customers lies in expediting the way payments are processed in the construction industry through transparency and reliability. Our platform reduces friction, improves confidence and enhances relationships throughout the development chain providing added value, productivity and savings to projects.

Brand position

Our brand position defines the brand vision relative to the marketplace.

Why is it important: helps people to quickly understand why to choose CONTENTGINE and helps CONTENTGINE to create a lasting impression.


  • (place 3 icons here)
  • iya is a purpose-first venture focusing on broad-spectrum beneficial outcomes. Monetization is contingent on the purpose.
  • iya is an online artificial intelligence based on real human valuation.
    iya is an agent of change – a virtual personal data asset manager for women.
    iya is fierce and sensual. She’s a battle-ready defender and nurturer of the tribe. She’s inclusive and fights for the better good.
  • iya operates with authenticity and transparency.
  • One of CONTENTGINE’s core imperatives is that data-mining brands must value the data, ask permission, and compensate women – the creators and owners of their data – for usage rights.
  • iya measures success by bringing to life a dormant force. By creating intimacy at scale. By addressing the pay gap and gender inequality. By allowing women to own their data. By establishing trusted relationships between women and brands. By transforming traditional advertising platforms. By empowering ALL women in the female global economy to do what they want. 

CONTENTGINE is simple. Easy to install, simple to manage, and is accessible any time on any device.

CONTENTGINE is smart. We put some serious brain power into our platform. CONTENTGINE is designed by a team of people with deep first-hand experience in the big data / privacy industry.

CONTENTGINE is dependable. Relying on the power of vetted financial …

Key pillars:

It’s not enough to be passionate about what we do

We have to consciously understand what drives us in order to communicate it.


We are empowering, responsible and results-driven. Here are our core characteristics to ensure that everything we do communicates the same personality and emotion.


We are battle-tested and ready. At CONTENTGINE, we can speak with confidence about the subjects we know best. Experience with personal online privacy and other frequent pain points has made us confident that we can leverage our ideas into practical, no-nonsense solutions.


We’re human. Not the ego-driven kind, but that kind that speaks your language openly, honestly and transparently. We’re always warm and helpful. We strive to understand the struggles of our constituents and always take the time and effort to understand how they work, what drives them.


We act responsibly by understanding and taking into account decisions that directly affect the everyday tasks of our customers. We don’t believe in keeping secrets – we tell it like it is. We recognize that building a solution that is just as practical as it is delightful to use is the foundation for our own success.

Our Tone

We adjust our tone appropriately depending on who in the space we’re talking to and what we’re talking about. Entirely driven by context, our tone always embodies our personality and values.

Informal, yet precise.

Easygoing, but never sloppy. Crisp and authoritative when it comes to our range of core competencies, but never overbearing, never condescending. We maintain a personal, relatable tone as if we’re speaking directly to our audience.


We never stop trying to go the extra mile to provide the best platform available. When speaking to our constituents, we always exude our above and beyond, person-first mentality.


When referring to our solutions and services, we emanate a natural sense of pride and confidence in the quality and value we present to our audiences.

brand backstory

Brand story, it’s roots, origin, the meaning of its name, and foundation of its authenticity.

Why this is important: this is a fully-documented story that will help to inform marketing materials and messaging.

Who we are and what we do

… (more copy here)

Management Team

… (more copy here)

Words to describe the CONTENTGINE brand

Committed to making women’s sovereignty over their personal data easier, faster, more predictable, and monetizable. Delivering the ultimate: peace of mind. Friendly. Trustworthy. Personable. Disruptive and innovative. Exceptionally knowledgeable. Problem solvers. CONTENTGINE.

Early Social Proof

“Would be great to have one or two testimonials here if available.”
Jane Doe, beta trial customer

To paraphrase Simon Sinek, the only way to make a meaningful impact with your audience is to connect with them on the level of belief. We couldn’t agree more. In fact, we built our entire brand strategy on purpose. Helping other brands find their purpose, show it, and make their mark – this is why CONTENTGINE exists.

“Our poetic meeting place; one where honest conversations spark positive social change. CONTENTGINE represents the opportunity to speak and the opportunity to learn. An intersecting platform where divergent crossroads unite. Disrupting the status quo, from imbalance to balance, from chaos to peace.”

Our foundational language

The following three statements of varying word-counts (8, 17, and 37) can be used to represent our brand across various platforms.


iya revolutionizes … (more copy to be added)


iya revolutionizes…


iya revolutionizes…

Managing our brand’s identity

Our identity is more about identification than communication. It differentiates us from our competitors in a way that is intended to elicit trust and engagement. Our identity logo mark transmits ..., technology and big data... (more copy here)

Say hello to our logo

Our logo is the most immediate representation of our company and products. To maintain the consistency of the brand, all logo guidelines should be followed, and the logo should never be altered in any way.

Logo variations

Default Colors

As the most forward-facing element of our brand, our primary logo should be used on our branded collateral whenever possible. To maintain the consistency of the brand, all logo guidelines should be followed, and the logo should never be altered in any way.


When used over colors or images that are too dark for our ‘Black’ logo to be legible, we use this knockout version.


Download the CONTENTGINE logos zip file containing .ai, .eps, .pdf, .png and .jpg file formats.

Logo usage

Clear Space

To preserve the integrity of the logo, always maintain the specified minimum clear space, which insulates our logo from distracting visual elements, such as other logos, copy, illustrations, or photography. A good distance is the height of the letter “C” in the logo mark.


Ensure the logo is reproduced in a legible size and that it does not appear subordinate to any other partner logos included on creative executions. Similarly, do not present the logo in a way that makes it the most distinctive or prominent feature of what you’re creating.


Our logo word uses the Montserrat font family. Never use any other font to display the logo word.

Barlow Font Family 100

Barlow Font Family 200

Barlow Font Family 300

Barlow Font Family 400

Barlow Font Family 500

Barlow Font Family 600

Barlow Font Family 700

Barlow Font Family 800

Barlow Font Family 900

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog!?

Maintaining shape and Proportions

To ensure accurate and consistent use, never alter, rotate, embellish, or attempt to recreate the logo. The proportions and shape of the CONTENTGINE logo should never be altered for any reason. To resize, hold the “Shift” key in most software programs to maintain the proportions while scaling up or down. Always maintain the minimum clear space, even when proportionally scaling the logo.


Do not modify the colors in our primary logo. If you are unable to use the correct colors, the monochromatic logo should be used.

Color palette

Primary Logo Colors

Bright Orange
HEX #FF8048

Steel Gray
Hex #708693

Carbon Gray
Hex #364854

Aqua Blue
Hex #08A0B7

CONTENTGINE colors come in 4 broad flavors

Bright Orange reflects concepts of equality, honesty, regeneration, vitality, strength, empowerment, and resilience.

Steel Gray reflects passion, self-sovereignty, enablement, and agency over data.

Carbon Gray
reflects concepts of strength, authority, elegance, sophistication, and foundational integrity.

Aqua Blue reflects concepts of purity, equality….

Our primary logo color palette lock up should not be changed. The remaining secondary palette of neutral, slate-gray, warm, and cool colors are shown here as a general guide but do not have to be followed as strictly.

The CONTENTGINE color palette should always remain bold and bright. Avoid pastel tones, or other colors that tend to muddy the palette.

Secondary Cool Colors

Hex #101D28

Hex #084F61

Hex #077588

Hex #384954

Hex #708693

Hex #708693

Hex #668480

Hex #8EA9A5

Hex #B1C3C2

Secondary Warm Colors

Hex #C1B2A9


Hex #F2EAE2

Hex #364854

Hex #F7CE73

Hex #FAA951

Hex #F47F4A

Hex #F15D4B

Hex #C6312C




a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

Heading 1 - 200px

Heading 2 - 122px

Heading 3 - 76px

Heading 4 - 48px

Heading 5 - 30px
HEADING 6 - 18px

About Barlow

Barlow is a slightly rounded, low-contrast, grotesk type family. Drawing from the visual style of the California public, Barlow shares qualities with the state’s car plates, highway signs, busses, and trains.

This is the Normal family, which is part of the superfamily along with Semi Condensed and Condensed, each with 9 weights in Roman and Italic.

The Barlow project is led by Jeremy Tribby, a designer based in San Francisco, USA. To contribute, see

Paragraph styles

To maintain visual consistency in our presentation of text, we have designed a few primary type sets, which are outlined on the right.

Large headlines in uppercase

Supporting subheader in lowercase

Title in lowercase

Supporting text and small body copy in Montserrat. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore.

Lifestyle Photography


  • Layered depth of focus
  • Subject can be off-center
  • Scenes/backgrounds are asymmetrical
  • Allow room for copy to the left or right


  • Bright, rich color palette
  • Avoid images with high contrast when used with copy
  • Avoid images with large white areas
  • Use overlays to improve copy legibility


  • Subjects are stylish, irreverent, defiant, proud, independant
  • Subjects can on occassion break the 4th wall
  • Images can have a high tech, big data, block chain vibe
  • Avoid images with foreboding tones
  • The mood is inspiring, sometimes whimsical, always evoking modernity, disruption, trust

App screens


  • Bullets (this content to chanage with app development)


  • Bullets


buttons (placeholders)