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CONTENTgine has curated over 20,000 pieces of content on Analytics software. Here are the Top 5 most popular assets in Analytics.


top 5 assets

Hive Leverages Sisense to Win Over Enterprise Clients, Unveils Data Discoveries

See how Hive used analytics to create a competitive advantage and close more deals.


top 5 assets

Ask yourself these 10 questions before you decide to build or buy an embedded BI solution

Building and buying both have advantages and disadvantages. Use these questions to help make the right decision.


top 5 assets

Luma Health Leverages Sisense and Amazon Redshift to Address COVID-19

See how Luma Health harnessed analytics insights to create a surge of innovation for good when the COVID-19 crisis hit.


top 5 assets

How to Choose the Right Data Visualization - Data visualizations are key to data analysis.

 Use this eBook as a guide for summarizing large amounts of data in a graphical format. 


top 5 assets

Checklist Report: Modernizing Your Approach to Reporting and Analytics

Get insights on how to transition to a modern analytics environment and guidance on navigating specific challenges and opportunities. 

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