Rich, Transparent B2B Intent Data


Know who
to target

See where target accounts are at in the research journey and discover new in-market accounts with our first-party ABM intent data.

Predictive intent algorithm based on content engagement.

Assets and topics an account has engaged with

Know what
to say

See what challenges each account is trying to solve so you can segment and personalize messaging against key pain points.

Know how
to optimize

See how specific assets are performing in your market and the key takeaways to inform your content marketing strategies.


Solution-based content performance insights filterable by type and persona

Buyer intent signals to fuel your marketing engine

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How We Build Audiences of B2B Buyers

We aggregate and curate B2B research content from vendors across all industries in a single easy-to-use discovery platform


We use Al and predictive modeling to match businesses with relevant content that can help them solve challenges


We engage professionals via 170+ newsletters organized around specific industries, roles, and product categories