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Buyer intelligence

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Predictive intent data and insights to help you market your solutions more efficiently.

Know who to target

Our B2B intent data identifies accounts in-market for your solutions and unlocks members of the buying committee based on first-party engagement across over 650 product categories.

Know what to say

Gain insight into specific needs of accounts based on engagement with solutions-oriented content such as case studies and buyer’s guides, and use this data to better segment and personalize your outreach.

Know when to say it

Identify new in-market accounts earlier than your competitors and know when mature accounts are ready for 1:1 outreach to deploy the right tactics at the right time. Download our Product Overview to learn more. 

What our customers are saying

A brief look at our intent platform

A Salesforce app and custom data feeds are available to access marketing intent data and intelligence in your existing platforms and workflows.

How we build & educate audiences

We aggregate and curate B2B research content from vendors across all industries in a single easy-to-use discovery platform.

We use Al and predictive modeling to match businesses with relevant content that helps them research solutions to their challenges.

We engage professionals via 100+ newsletters organized around specific industries, business roles, and product categories.

Fuel your marketing engine with

deterministic buyer intent data

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