For Sales

Rich buyer insights

for better prospecting

Sales intent data and intelligence that gets you to the right people at the right accounts.

Prioritize your time

Leverage our predictive intent and first-party engagement data in relevant product categories to know which accounts to focus on and where they are in the research cycle.

Win more meetings

See what content accounts have engaged with and leverage Al-identified themes to understand their pain points and better personalize your outreach.

Close deals faster

Gain insights into the buying team and access verified contacts matched to your Ideal Customer Profile to help you get in front of the right people with the right messaging. Download our Product Overview to learn more.

What our customers are saying

A brief look at our intent platform

A Salesforce app and custom data feeds are available to access sales intent data and intelligence in your existing platforms and workflows.

How we build & educate audiences

We aggregate and curate B2B research content from vendors across all industries in a single easy-to-use discovery platform.

We use Al and predictive modeling to match businesses with relevant content that helps them research solutions to their challenges.

We engage professionals via 100+ newsletters organized around specific industries, business roles, and product categories.

Get to know your next customer with

predictive intent data for sales

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