Content Cultivated Audiences

The audience we engage is viewed through the prism of curating content around how professionals want to research. Our Content Cultivated Audiences™ (CCAs) are seeking solutions to their business challenges in particular product categories.

Content is only valuable if served to the right prospects


Right Audiences

The Right Audiences: Content CUltivated Audiences™, our content discovery platform, was built to help business professionals find solutions for their challenges. The audiences we engage are viewed through the prism of curating content around how professionals (i.e., prospective buyers) want to research. Our audiences are seeking solutions to their business challenges.

But these audiences are seeking different solutions because their business challenges vary, and each prospect has a specific area of responsibility for a product category purchase. Therefore, our audiences are curated around particular categories: we call them Content Cultivated Audiences™.

Some categories are too vague to identify a department within an organization responsible for purchasing particular products, so we think about technologies and solutions with an eye towards the area of responsibility. Focusing on the area of responsibility ensures that our Content Cultivated Audiences™ are meaningful to your marketing efforts as they include prospects and accounts with a known interest in your product category.



Continuous Education

At CONTENTgine, our mission is to provide best-in-class curated content to help educate our prospects about the best products and services to help their business thrive. We see the process of continuous education as the most significant value proposition for our prospects. We need to understand what they are looking for and serve them the vendors and solutions that match.

Our focus is not just getting a single engagement with a single piece of content like the traditional content syndication model – we’re focused on engagements within a product category, moving past just one click. We don’t just market to prospects when we have campaigns to fulfill, but rather are continuously striving to educate our audiences in practical importance to solving business challenges they face. CONTENTgine’s Perpetual Engine™ introduces prospects to the best vendors for each challenge they are trying to solve. The result is Content Indication™, going far beyond the limitations in yesteryear’s traditional content syndication models.

By helping prospects solve their challenges, everyone wins. You don’t waste time on prospects or accounts that are not looking for your solution, and prospects find precisely what they are looking for.


real insights

Understanding the Audience

Most B2B marketing solution providers have large numbers of users and data, but fundamental insights go beyond the sheer volume of records. Prospects and accounts don’t provide information explaining how their internal buying processes work, so CONTENTgine uses data analytics to gain intelligence from content consumption patterns to determine the solutions prospects and accounts need.

We map our users against persona tables that include title, role, function, and department. We know the individuals within each potential buying account that is consuming content within a product category. Skills, certifications, LinkedIn groups, and trade association memberships are all additional elements we use to determine the right people for your solution. We call it Contact Intelligence™.



Finding the Important Accounts

In the business world, the company is as essential as the individual decision-makers because they aren’t making personal decisions; they’re making purchases for their company. Therefore understanding the firmographic profiles of the accounts the prospects belong to and how the category-specific engagements are spread within accounts is critical to the puzzle. CONTENTgine can help you create target account lists based on our intent scores and help you prioritize the accounts demonstrating the highest levels of intent in your product category. Our intent is based on content consumption patterns in particular product category areas, as identified in our over 50 category-specific newsletters.

Learn more about how we educate our Content Cultivated Audiences™ and produce insights to ensure we send you the best leads and marketing intelligence by presenting the right content to the most relevant audience.


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